SEO Tips For Top Google Rankings in 2012

There are so many ways for your website to achieve better rankings in Google nowadays. Be careful though, some of them can really have a negative effect not just to your website, but also to your business.

Below are three (3) of the most important SEO techniques that you need to use in 2012 to get better rankings in Google:

Create Unique, Well-Written Content

Writing great web content is not based on the length of the content, but on the quality of the content itself.

When you are creating content for your website, it is necessary to put your target keywords scattered all over your articles or blogs. Utilizing your keywords repeatedly on your content can make your content uninteresting to the readers and search engines that may give bad effect to your website and your business. The proper usage of keywords is by getting the right density of keywords on your content.

Make sure your content stays fresh and updated all the time. You need to update your website on a regular basis to maintain your position in search engine results but it doesn’t mean that you we’re going to edit a content that is already posted. All you have to do is to add content to your page or add content that links to your website

Build More Backlinks From Authority Sites

High PR backlinks are links that are going to help you boost your ranking in search engine results.

Some people might think that it’s not really important to write a great content if you have your backlinks in your content but this is not true. You can only get high pr backlinks if you provide other people something on your content that they want to link to. So, it is really necessary that you have a great content to have a high-quality links.

Avoid publishing duplicate content from other sites. Duplicate content means to publish the same content on multiple pages on your own sites. This should be avoided and instead, use web syndication. Syndication refers to making web feeds accessible from a site in order to give people with a summary or update of your latest content added to your site. Syndication is best way to build links and get publicity.

Be Social

It is now common for many people to use social media sites for other purposes apart from finding and making friends. It can also be used for online marketing and for SEO purposes, too. Participate in social networks Updates, news feeds, CMS

It is important for site owners to understand that they cannot do optimisation on their own as this is a complicated and time-consuming process. They should instead get the assistance of companies that offer these services for effective and successful optimisation every month.

Dan Barateta is a SEO strategist. He helps clients with their businesses achieve online success using cutting-edge internet marketing ideas and techniques.

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